Highway 30A
highway-30a | Kids going out to the beaches

Nestled in the Florida panhandle along the Gulf of Mexico is where you will find Highway 30A. It is a stretch of road that stops at both ends on Highway 98 (more of a main highway), but Highway 30A itself is not a true 'highway' as it sounds, but rather a two-lane road with a maximum speed limit of 25mph that has clusters of little beach towns all along it, about halfway in between both Panama City and Destin. To drive from end-to-end of Highway 30A would probably take about 45 minutes, beginning on the west end (Destin side) with Santa Rosa Beach/Blue Mountain Beach then stopping on the opposite east end (PCB side) at Rosemary Beach/Inlet Beach. Seaside, the main (oldest) little town people know of, is right in the middle. They call this area of Florida the Emerald Coast because the beaches are white sand with deep shorelines, no shells, and pristine Caribbean-blue waters. I'm convinced they are the prettiest beaches in the United States!

It is a perfect vacation destination to make the most treasured memories, celebrate life milestones, laugh until you cry, get sunburnt, catch up with old friends, play board games into the middle of the night, rest and recharge, and lots in between.